Review of Fake Bake 60 Minutes!

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Carolynne

Fake Bake 60 minutes

What they say:  Fake Bake 60 Minutes was the very first long-lasting self-tan on the market that develops in just one hour – making it the perfect product to get you party ready! Truly the tan your laundry will love, tanning agents are activated upon contact with the skin, whilst specialist accelerators are triggered following water contact meaning your tan will continue to develop after the cosmetic guide colour is washed away! This revolutionary formula creates a golden tan in only 1 hour, a bronze tan if left on for 2 hours and a deeper colour when washed off after 3 hours. It’s little wonder it is the tan that’s talked about the world over!

fake bake

What we say:  “Firstly, I thought it was great that this product comes with the gloves and applicator mitt included. Usually I’ve bought these separately! After showering, exfoliating and moisturising – key first steps when applying any fake tan…. I applied the (spray) tan with the applicator mitt. It went on easily and because it’s coloured I could see clearly where I’d applied it. I was going out that night and was pleased that the tan started to develop within an hour. I then showered (water only to activate the tan, no soap) and proceeded to get ready. At this time, the tan was very light though.

The water activation is definitely a new aspect for me, but it works! The tan certainly continued to develop as the night wore on and by the morning my tan was a lovely golden colour. I did reapply slightly the following day to gain a deeper tan and it lasted well over a week, especially on my legs.

Great product and easy to use but worth leaving on longer for a more noticeable tan.”


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