Review of Ergobaby Sleeping Bag & Swaddle Set

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Holly

ergobaby swaddle

What they say:  The Room-To-Grow Baby Sleeping Bag + Swaddle Set by Ergobaby is a versatile, adjustable Baby Sleeping Bag with separate Swaddle. It’s designed to grow with baby and their changing sleep preferences. Swaddle baby arms in, arms out, or one at a time to transition from swaddling once baby starts to roll over. Use the Swaddle alone on the hottest nights, and use the adjustable Baby Sleeping Bag alone once baby is done with swaddling! It’s all you and baby need to sleep longer, safer and more peacefully.

What we say:  “This set is the perfect present for any new parent; containing both a baby swaddle blanket and sleeping bag.

The design on both is cute and unisex and the material soft.

I did try to swaddle my son when he was first born, but I obviously didn’t do it properly as he always was able to set his arms free!  This swaddle has pockets and velco, making it much easier to get your baby into the correct position for swaddling.  You then have the option of adding the sleeping bag.  The bag says up to 9 months, but I think my son would need something larger by then.

The sleeping bag is fairly thin, I would say more for summer than winter months.  It can be adjusted at the shoulders, as your baby grows.  Perfect for when you no longer wish to swaddle.

All in all a lovely gift; both cute and useful at the same time!”


The Ergobaby Sleeping Bag & Swaddle Set retails for £29.90 and is available from

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