Review of Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Ali


What they say:  Ergobaby has listened to parents from all over the world, and worked with babywearing educators and doctors to develop the new OMNI 360. The Ergobaby OMNI 360 is an all-in-one baby carrier, designed for the ultimate baby and parent comfort, as well as ease of use.

As Ergobaby’s most versatile carrier yet, it offers four carry positions and enables parents to quickly and easily switch baby to face out, or in while on the move. The OMNI 360 Baby Carrier adjusts from newborn to toddler (7-33lbs / 3.2-15kgs), without the need for an infant insert.

Like each product in the Ergobaby range, the new Ergobaby OMNI 360 supports baby in a hip-healthy “M” shape position, at all stages and in all positions including outward-facing. Additional features include lumbar support waistbelt, extra cushioned, crossable shoulder straps, and a large, detachable storage pouch.

What we say:  “I was ‘gifted’ a second hand baby carrier from a friend while pregnant; not really for me, I thought…well, that was until baby arrived and I realised what a faff it is putting my extortionately overpriced travel system together for a short two minute journey to the local shops! I know what I’ll do, we’ll take a stroll using the baby carrier instead.

Yup, that didn’t work well at all! With no instructions, a wiggly baby and hardly any sleep, my first step into the baby carrier world was a disaster!

Would the Ergobaby Omni 360 fair any better in my tired hands?

I started with watching this You Tube video and it really is that easy…

The carrier has simple instructions for how to fit securely to your baby’s size; simply adjust the waistband velcro straps, that’s it, done!  The shoulder buckles are a little more tricky, but obviously you want your baby to be secure so no big deal and once you have them in place the carrier really is comfy.

As your baby grows you move the waistbelt from high around your waist to lower down towards your hips and as with all Ergobaby carriers you can breastfeed while carrying your child in either the hip or front-inward carry positions.  This I found easy to do, just loosen the shoulder straps and re tighten once finished.

Can you tell that I’m already a baby carrier convert?!

As my little beauty is only a few months old, we are using on the front-inward carry position but we have both had a little try of the back carry (with a teddy!) and I am sure we will continue to use the carrier for some time yet.  I might need a hand in figuring how to fit bubba into the carrier when I’m on my own – any top tips???

The Omni 360 can be used from birth all the way through to 33 lbs/15 kg (around 36 months old) and yes, it can be machine washed!!! Not so sure about the detachable pouch; it has remained detached! But I guess it can be handy if you are one of these super-organised mums who can leave the house with just their purse and keys (not me!).

The Omni 360 feels safe, secure and has made it easy for the three of us to enjoy walks without any hassle, quick local shop visits are a breeze with both hands free and even breast feeding while out and about has been simple.

Do I recommend? Why hello! Of course!”


The Ergobaby Omni 360 retails for £154.90 and is available from many high street stores and online from Ergobaby.


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