Review of Embryolisse Eclat du Regard

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Bridie

embryolisse eye stick

What they say:  From best-loved French pharmacy brand Embryolisse, Eclat du Regard provides immediate refreshment for tired eyes. The cooling and rejuvenating stick has both instant and long-term benefit, boosting-radiance and brightening the eye area while the blend of sugar derivatives and aloe vera combine to moisturise and refine skin texture (creases and crepiness be gone!). A metabiotic then improves micro-circulation to minimise puffiness and dark circles, so all tell-tale signs of fatigue are dismissed and your eyes appear clearer, ‘lifted’ and more youthful. A make-up artist must-have, we recommend you keep this in your handbag for on-the-go eye enhancement.

What we say:  “My eyes have had their share of punishment over the years (shift work, travelling, Glastonbury) but now ladened with an 18 month old and a five week old baby, I had 50 shades of grey under my eyes that could seemingly only be tamed with concealer application akin to wads of clay. Given this, I felt a little sorry for my brave little stick of Embryolisse Artist Secret Radiant Eye stick when it reported for duty. It had no idea what it was up against. Like strapping bacon to a newborn lamb and telling it to just to talk to the wolves and maybe they would understand…

It came in a cute box but slightly annoying, the instructions were written inside the box which meant you either had to commit to memory – hahahaha I HAVE TWO CHILDREN UNDER TWO! I CANT BE TRUSTED WITH A STAPLER – or keep the loose packaging. So making a mental note of sorts of how I was meant to apply, I struck forth. It was lovely in application and glided on in a cooling way. I then smoothed it over and studied my face for immediate results, I may or may not have undergone a brief moment of sleep during this process resting against the mirror. But overall, m eyes felt refreshed and it didn’t leave any sticky residue or shine.

What I didn’t find great is that it looks and feels a little like a glue stick. Okay alot like a glue stick. And sometimes left some bits on my face like a glue stick. It even snapped off and had to be mashed back on again (although at least no high pitched trilling of It’s not broken sweetheart! It’s just as good as before! was not needed) which didn’t hamper its abilities, but didn’t make me incline to file it under luxury product.

However at the week’s end more than one person said I looked well rested. And even my judging, judging eyes detected a more fresh face. Was this pity or delusion? Or had one little lamb scampered to bright eyed safety? Let’s not question. The postman might not think I own a hairbrush, but mama’s eyes are all shades of sane and that’s a result!”


Embryolisse Eclat du Regard is available from many good high street stores and online from Cult Beauty

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  1. Emma D says:

    Best review of a beauty product I’ve ever read!

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