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Reviewed by: Mojomums Kelly

What they say: e-cloth products, which use microfibre technology, allows you to clean and sanitise almost every surface in your home with nothing more than water and a wipe. And though no chemicals are being used, this method still eliminates almost all bacteria, proving chemical-cleaning is no longer a must.

And e-cloth’s efficacy has been proved in a number of studies. Independent tests have been carried out by laboratories based in U.S.A, France and Brazil, with data reviewed by an American microbiologist who pioneered research into salmonella and other harmful bacteria, to confirm the highly efficient antibacterial action of e-cloths.[9],[10]

In the tests e-cloths were used to clean hard surfaces which had been contaminated with E-coli, Listeria and Aspergillus — three of the most common bugs associated with gastric upsets and respiratory problems — and laboratory tests proved they eliminated over 99 per cent of these bacteria.

E-Cloth Home Starter Cleaning Kit has all you need to make the switch to quick and convenient chemical-free cleaning. It includes a general-purpose cloth, a glass and polishing cloth as well as a refillable 125ml water spray with a variable jet which allows you to conquer dirt, grease and bacteria without using potentially irritant and allergy-inducing chemicals.  This great-value kit combines e-cloth’s two best-selling cloths making it ideal for customers new to e-cloth. RRP £9.99.


What we say: “I was unsure about using this product; would my kitchen surfaces be really clean with just water and a scrub? I’ve recently been using a fresh smelling eco-cleaner that I love and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to change, but worth a try…

Obviously this is easy to use – simply add water!

I started with the High Performance Dusting Glove – so effective and I found it great for picture frames and dusting over my childrens many toys on display in their bedroom!

Next I tried the Fresh Mesh Pads; they are durable and versatile with thick fibres which are highly absorbent. I used these in the kitchen to clean my stainless steel sink and draining board – they came up sparkling and as clean as when I use cleaning products.

Would I continue to use? Yes, I think I will – once you have paid for the initial products there literally is no other outlay, so great value and they certainly seem to have cleaned as well as any other product I have used. I’m a convert!”


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