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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Kelly and Mojomums Reviewer Deborah

dev and ollie

What they say:  It’s Dev’s birthday and his favourite present is a cool new kite. But there is a problem – he doesn’t know how to fly it! Grandpa claims to be an expert and promises to teach Dev tomorrow but Dev is too impatient. Ollie, Dev’s bedtime magical owl, comes to rescue. Together, Dev and Ollie set off on an action packed journey to the one of the largest kite festivals in the world…in INDIA! Kite Crazy can be enjoyed by children aged 4+ from any background. It’s a truly unique combination of a festival experience and a hilarious adventure. What’s more, all this is beautifully wrapped around the magical relationship of a child and his bedtime cuddly toy.

What we say:  Kelly:  “A really brightly illustrated children’s picture book – my four year old twins enjoyed the pictures while I read aloud the story.  A fairly simple story but made more exciting by the fact it is based in India during a kite festival.  When I explained to the boys that the candle-lit kites mentioned are in fact real, they were really excited and asked for one!”

Deborah: “I read this to my nearly 5 year old. It’s a lovely colourful book and caught the attention of my son immediately. It was nice that the first page introduced all the characters. The story is about a boy called Dev who wants to learn how to fly a kite. In the middle of the night his cuddly toy owl comes to life and they go on an adventure to the Gujarat kite festival. Here he is taught how to fly a kite competitively. There are some funny parts and overall it’s a sweet story. I would say the age for this book would be 4-7 years old.”

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