Review of Danger is Still Everywhere

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Reviewer Molly, aged 7

danger is everywhere

What they say:  Docter Noel is facing his most terrifying situation EVER Рa little dog called Napkin has come to stay. That may not sound particularly dangerous, but every POD (Pupil of Dangerology) knows the only safe pet is a pet rock. So now Docter Noel is hiding in a wardrobe while Napkin wreaks havoc around the Dangerzone. And all the while Docter Noel is supposed to be writing his new VERY IMPORTANT handbook on Dangerology (Level 2).

That is until the Pet of the Year (POTY) contest is announced and Docter Noel hatches a plan. There’s only one problem. Serial safety-flouter Max WURST is the judge. . .

What we say: ¬†“This is a good book, because it’s very funny. So far my favourite bits are when Docter Noel Zone sleeps in the bath because he doesn’t like beds, because if there was a spring under his bed it would pop him out the window and into a giraffe zoo! At least if there was a flood he could use the bath as a boat and he keeps oars near the bath so he can row away.

Noel Zone is very funny but very silly too, he thinks everything in the world is dangerous.

There are some difficult words in this book but overall it is easy to read. 10 out of 10!”

Parent point of view for mum Alexis: “This is a really, really silly book, but Molly has loved every minute of it and the reading level is good for her age and above (I wouldn’t recommend it for much younger kids). Would make a great stocking filler rather than a proper reading book, as it’s a bit here and there and not much of an actual story.”


Danger is Still Everywhere is available at many good bookstores and online at Amazon

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