Review of Crate Creatures Surprise!

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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Claire

What they say: Break into the crate to unbox your new beast friend. Pull their tongues for monstrously fun sounds and gross noises. Record and yak back phrases with your Crate Creatures Surprise!

Snorthog comes in his own crate equipped with a crowbar to unleash the beast. Pull his tongue and Snorthog will vibrate and make gross and funny noises. Turn Snorthog upside down or tip him over for unique creature sounds. Press the back of his head and watch boogers come flying out of his nose! Snorthog also makes chomping noises when you feed him his corndog. Put Snorthog back in his crate and unleash him over and over.

What we say: “Finally a fun toy that appeals to both boys and girls! This one was given straight away to my son, who loves all things yucky!

He thinks the noises are absolutely hilarious and don’t even get him started on the ‘gooey boogers’!!!

The fun starts with trying to help your creature to escape their crate – complete with padlock and chain…use the crowbar attached to pry open the lid and off you go…!

The toy really is rather clever; you can make a recording and your creature will play back your message in their creature voice, he chomps (loudly) when you place food in his mouth, and he even goes to sleep when you place him on his back.

Hours of fun!

At just under £40 the toys are birthday/Christmas present gifts rather than pocket money options, but so far we would definitely recommend them – surely every home needs a Crate Creature!?!?”


Crate Creatures Surprise! are available from Smyth’s Toystores

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