Review of Comotomo Baby Bottle

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Karen


What they say:  The revolutionary Comotomo baby bottle is designed to provide the closest thing to breastfeeding in a bottle. The super 3-inch wide mound and naturally shaped teat allows babies to latch on seamlessly and prevents ‘nipple confusion’ when transitioning between breast and bottle feeding. The entire bottle is made from medical-grade silicon which not only makes it completely safe and hygienic but offers a has a soft, silky, squeezy, skin-like texture which babies love to touch. The unique design also features two essential antic-colic vents to completely eliminate unnecessary air intake allowing peace of mind during feeding. The ‘mummy inspired and baby approved’ Comotomo bottle range is dishwasher, microwave, boiling water and sterilizer safe and is set to become a must-have for new parents across the UK. RRP £14.99 bottle, available from Amazon UK

What we say: “I would highly recommend the Comotomo baby bottle.

My daughter loved the unusual feel and the fact that she could squeeze the bottle. I have tried giving her milk in one of her normal bottles and she has asked me to change it to her special new one because she likes squeezing it!

The Comotomo baby bottle is easy to clean and you don’t even need a bottle brush for the actual bottle as the wide neck and flexibility of the bottle means you can use an ordinary washing up sponge or cloth, although I would recommend still using a bottle brush on the teat of the bottle as sometimes you can’t thoroughly clean it with a sponge.

I haven’t had any problems with the bottle leaking and we have taken it out with us on numerous occasions with either milk or juice in it without any spillages. My daughter has her milk warmed up and we haven’t had any problems doing so with this bottle whereas some bottles have got too hot or have started to smell like burning when they’ve been heated so we’ve had to throw them away.

I would definitely recommend the Comotomo baby bottle, especially those with younger children who are just learning about the feel, shape and texture of things.”


Comotomo baby bottles will be available to purchase in the UK from from August 2015

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