Review of Collins Picture Atlas for Children

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Debbie and her daughter

picture atlas

What they say:  The atlas opens with the continents, then presents a world view of countries before exploring deeper into each country and the exciting places to visit within each.

• The maps are clear, colourful and perfect for children to explore the world and let their imaginations run riot.

• This book is ideal for home or school and finding out more about the world whilst also helping to develop essential reading skills.

• Clear, colourful, highly informative, illustrated mapping designed for young readers.

• Arranged by continent for easy reference.

• Facts about the world we live in are included on each spread.

What we say:  “What a great atlas!  A great book to entice young children to learn more about different countries and the life and animals within them.  Each page includes short snipets of information about each country that you can then go on to discuss further with your child.

As the pages were very colourful, they even held the interest of my youngest child (age 5) who particularly enjoyed learning about which animals lived where.

My daughter has enjoyed looking through the book by herself and asking me questions as she goes – this is definitely a book that we will refer to for school projects as well as a book to read for enjoyment.  I would most definitely recommend it and at only £8.99 it is great value as well!”


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