Review of Collins Big Cat Reading Lions books

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Debbie and her daughter Eleanor (age 7)

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What they say:  The Collins Big Cat books are a great tool to help children build their speaking, listening and reading skills outside of school and a great way to encourage parents to help with their children’s reading progression.  With must-read fiction and knock-out non-fiction in every book band, we only use the best quality authors to create books that span a huge variety of genres, illustrations and formats.

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 1: First Reading at Home                    Reception (Ages 4-5)

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 2: Practise Reading at Home              Year 1 (Ages 5-6)

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 3: Supported Reading at Home         Year 2 (Ages 6-7)

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 4: Confident Reading at Home          Year 3 (Ages 7-8)

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 5: Independent Reading at Home     Year 4 (Ages 8-9)

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 5: Fluent Reading at Home                Year 5 (Ages 9-10)

What we say: 

Eleanor’s review of Collins Big Cats Book 6 book collection including:

Twinkle Twinkle Firefly

Chewy Hughie

Mountain Mona

Unusual traditions

How to be a knight

What’s that building?

What Eleanor says: “I read all 6 books; they were great as there were some fiction and some fact books. They were quite easy to read but mum and dad had to help occasionally. If the words were tricky I tried to spell them out before getting help.

I thought all 6 books were good and I couldn’t pick a favourite, although Chewy Hughie and Mountain Mona were good and How to be a Knight was great as we read that with my little brother and then we made swords and shields with mum!

The fact books were good and not boring, as they had great pictures showing you things and there were boxes with words in with facts about the pictures and some of them were funny!

I really liked the story in Mountain Mona and how she learnt to do things and was confident in the end as she tried and tried and then succeeded.

Chewy Hughie was another favourite as it was a lovely story with really nice pictures.

What’s That Building is a fact book. It explains some really interesting buildings, the pictures are good and it shows you how they work – it is a really good book.

Twinkle Twinkle was nice as we are learning about poems at school. Some of the poems rhyme and some do not.

Unusual Traditions is good with nice pictures of costumes and lots of facts about customs in different countries.

How to be a Knight has 10 steps to becoming a knight!  Each page is a different chapter and it tells you what age the knight would be to learn the new thing to help him become a knight. There were lots of fun bits in this book and I enjoyed drawing shields by copying them from the book.”

What Debbie says: “Eleanor loves to read and she has used the Collins Big Cat books at school – so a few of these she has actually read before. We have found them to be really interesting books, with a great mixture of fact and fiction.  I think it is great to be able to purchase the same style of books for home that my children read at school – perfect for keeping the children up to speed during the school holidays.

Elinor has already asked if we can buy her a set from the next stage up (she is an avid reader and ahead in reading for her age) and again I think this is a great tool for parents to know when to move up a stage and develop their children’s reading.”


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