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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Kelly and her 3 year old twin sons

What they say:  Over the last 180 years we’ve learnt a lot about little feet.  It’s helped us create an exceptional range of shoes, which in the safe hands of our specially trained fitters, guarantee the best fit for every step of your child’s development. All of Clarks school shoes are put through 50 punishing tests to ensure they fit better and last longer.

What we say: Clarks was the obvious choice for me when looking for school shoes.  It is the first place that I went to to get my children’s feet measured when they started walking and has been our shop of choice ever since.

I chose not to book an appointment but just turn up on the day.  Having said that, we were waiting outside the store just before it opened!  Clarks do offer a prebookable appointment service, which I would recommend having seen how many people were waiting once we had finished!

The lady serving us used the standard toddler foot gage to measure the boys feet, however I know that Clarks now offer an iPad fitting experience, something I am keen to try out next time!

The boys behaved (for once!) and feet had grown – time for not only new school shoes, but new play shoes and welly boots as well – this was not going to be a cheap shopping visit!

I was impressed by the range of school shoes available, plenty of choice for even the most fussiest of wearers!  I chose two pairs of soft, almost trainer style shoes for my 3 year olds – Stomp Roar and Stompo Day – both with dinosaur imprints on the sole and both slightly different so that the boys will know whose is whose.

The fitter serving us was polite and helpful, asking the boys in turn to run over to the mirror so that she could check the fit, and joining in with laughing when Casey did his ‘catwalk strut’!  I think it’s important when fitting shoes for children that the person serving you is able to talk to kids and make them feel comfortable.  On every visit to my local Clarks the fitter has asked the children their names – these little things certainly make a difference and ensure that I go back to that particular store.

I was asked if we needed school plimsolls (I don’t know!) and also offered sticky shoe labels, which I brought as I’m sure many children will be wearing the same shoes!

Overall, I was really pleased with the experience, with the staff’s knowledge and assistance and also with the range of shoes available – Clarks, you have a customer for life here!


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