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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Kelly

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What they say:  Children love to paint and draw and parents want to keep all their artwork for ever. But where? There’s only so much wall space in the kitchen so it probably gets hidden away in the loft.

Children’s Art Galleries offers a simple solution. You can now create a personal online gallery for your child and even order an album of your favourite pieces. It’s so easy to use; you just upload a photo of the artwork, give it a title or add a caption and keep a permanent record of it to look back on and enjoy for years to come. Family and friends can enjoy the gallery too, and, most importantly, children will love their work being seen by millions throughout the world, as well as seeing and being inspired by the work of others.

childrens art gallery 4

Children’s Art Galleries celebrates children’s creativity.

Creativity enriches lives.

Let’s encourage it.

What we say:  “My twins are in Year 1 and I am already drowning in a sea of paintings, scribblings and general ‘art work’ that my children bring home frequently from school!  Add that to the precious first pictures, cards and more that we have from Nursery and Reception…yes, I was the perfect Mojomum to review this new online gallery!

childrens art gallery 1

We were sent an art ‘busy box’ to get started, of which my boys dived into with gusto!  Felt tips, glue, stickers, string – we used them all!

Once you have chosen which pictures you want to save you simply take a photo and upload onto the Children’s Art Gallery website.  Here is my only negative; the image is not automatically uploaded, you have to wait for approval but I found this was actioned within 24 hours, so no huge delay.

The bonus of the Gallery is that you don’t have to save every single piece of work that your child brings home.  Obviously I will continue to keep all ‘special’ pieces, but to have everything all in one safe place online will be so much easier (and tidier!).

The Gallery costs start from just £3 per year for one child, with reductions for larger families with more children.  Kids can really enjoy getting involved as the more you upload, they then receive certificates!

childrens art gallery 3

It’s going to take a while for me to backdate our gallery, but maybe this is a task for the Easter school holiday!”


For more information and to purchase your child’s Gallery visit


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