Review of Champneys Spa Treatments – Hand scrub & hand lotion

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Reviewed by:  Kelly

Products Reviewed:  Champneys Spa Treatments Pure Touch Hand Scrub (£6)  & Pure Touch Refreshing Hand Lotion (£6)

What they say:  In order to perform the perfect treatment, our therapists must have clean, soft hands when working in our spas.  These products have been created so that your skin is left not only clean but also smooth and moisturised.  Now we’ve wrapped up our spa secrets for you to enjoy every day

Hand Scrub – formulated with rosehip oil, sweet almond oil and apricot seed powder this scrub will deeply cleanse and help remove impurities and dry skin.  Your hands will feel soft and moisturised…

Hand Lotion – infused with basil and thyme fragrance, this instantly absorbed lotion contains protecting vitamin E to help soothe and condition your skin.  Our therapists recommend keeping a bottle in the kitchen and bathroom to use regularly…

What I say:  I have typical ‘mum’ hands – dry and recently flaky skin from constant washing & washing up.  After just a few days of using this scrub my hands really feel transformed!  I absolutely love it!  I use it once a day, in the evening, & gently massage a small amount all over my hands, paying particular attention to the really rough, dry areas (for me, inbetween my fingers).  The particles are very small, so not at all rough.  Once rinsed throughly off, my skin already feels smoother, with a slight ‘sheen’ but not at all sticky…

The smell of the lotion is fresh & clean, slightly spicy, which I personally prefer to a floral smell.  It massages in quickly, a must for busy mums!  A couple of squirts is just about enough.  Although I like this lotion as an everyday option & I have been using it as recommended, frequently throughout the day, it is not quite rich enough for my dry hands.  I feel I need more of a ‘cream’, even if only once a day after using the scrub, in order to get my hands back into a good condition…

Favourite thing:  The Hand Scrub

Worst thing:  Lotion is not quite rich enough for me

Overall comments:  I am going to ensure that I keep using the scrub daily, it definitely has a place in my beauty routine now!  And, as I love the smell, I will use the hand lotion but I am going to see if Champneys do a richer hand cream as well.  Being consistant seems to be the key & I am going to take a few precious moments to look after my hands every day…Now to find the perfect face scrub!!!

Marks out of 10:  Hand scrub 10/10 –  Hand Lotion 8/10


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2 Responses to Review of Champneys Spa Treatments – Hand scrub & hand lotion

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