Review of Carol Vorderman 10 Minutes A Day Spelling

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Debbie and daughter (6) and son (5)

10 minutes a day spelling

What they say:  Set the clock and off you go! Young learners excel in short bursts, so 10 Minutes a Day Spelling KS1 from Carol Vorderman is the perfect introduction to spelling for younger children.

Games and tests take a short amount of time so you get maximum fun for maximum effect. There are 10 minute activities on doubling letters, homophones, and compound words. Plus, the “parents notes” section gives the answers, explains common pitfalls and gives guidance on how to avoid them.

These workbooks are the perfect at-home reinforcement for subjects learned in school. So, set the funky orange timer to test your child in fun ‘beat the clock’ exercises – and let 10 Minutes a Day Spelling KS1 show your child how much fun spelling can be.

Supports National Curriculum at Key Stage 1.

What we say:  

My opinion  I reviewed this book with my son (just starting Year 1 but only just turned 5) and daughter (just starting Year 2 and 6 years 4 months).

The format of this book is excellent. It is set out as lots of very short, fun exercises – so that it doesn’t feel like “homework” but more like a game. And I had no problem getting the kids to do it.

The timer function is a great idea, as the kids loved setting that at the start of each exercise and timing themselves!

The only comment I would make is that the book covers a wide level of ability, and should maybe be split into different levels of books. I would also find it more useful if they link it to school years instead of age – as they teach specific blending, technical aspects, etc as they move through the school years. So, my son really struggled as he has only covered the basics in Reception and is very young in his year and my daughter simply hasn’t covered some of the technical areas yet, so needed me to explain them to her.

What they thought  My son really struggled – he is just starting Year 1 and has only just turned 5. He hasn’t yet been taught some of the more complicated blending. He needed me to read the instructions and could do some of the exercises with help, but he got very frustrated that he couldn’t do it, as he thought it looked fun. I think an easier book would have been good for him.

My daughter – just starting Year 2 and aged 6 years 4 months, loved it! Some of it was much too easy, but she still found it fun. Some of it was too challenging without help – as she hasn’t covered the technical areas at school eg antonyms, homophones, etc. I would think by the end of this school year she will be able to complete all of the exercises. She loved doing it as she thought it was a just like a quiz book, and was eager to do more than 10 minutes every day!


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