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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Tracy

What they say:  Get help choosing the right career. Take the career test that has been trusted by millions for over 60 years, and immediately download your accurate, personalised results.

What we say:  “When I was first asked to review career clover I thought why not…I then started to have second thoughts!  I used to be a PA, super organised and loving my working life.  That was 10 years ago, marriage and 3 children later I am now looking at a return to work.  I felt quite apprehensive, what would it tell me?  I wanted to be a nurse when I was little, perhaps I should have followed that through. I’m a bit of a joker in my own silly way…what’s it going to say!

So, the last time I reviewed something, it was a pushchair….now I am in a way reviewing myself.

My initial thoughts when I logged onto the website was that it looked very professional, not in your face.  I logged on and had to verify I was over the age of 14 and my initial reaction was really? 14! Would someone that young really want to do this.  From reading through, it became clear that it’s American and perhaps the age consent is what they go by (I’m sure it’s 16 in UK). I also got a bit frustrated with the ‘Z’ in place of the ‘S’ (I.e specialized!).

So the questions started…all 185! I made the mistake of starting the assessment whilst my little one was in the bath….big mistake! You definitely need 45 mins of peace and quiet, no interruptions, although I liked that you could go back to where you finished.

You start by entering your personal details along with your current occupation from a drop down menu (occupations listed twice).

I came across a few questions that I thought a male would naturally respond one way to (unless he was in touch with his feminine side) and a female the other.

career clove 1

career clover 2

With some questions my response came quite naturally, others I had to think about… how other people see me.  Some I had to really think hard about…

career clover 3

So once completed you are told to refresh the page in 1 – 2 minutes and your results will be ready to download.  I did this and had them within the 2 minutes.

The first report available was the Personality Fit and it is tailored to you and based on your responses to the 16PF assessment. The 16PF® assessment has been developed and researched over the past 60 years by psychometric assessment experts.

It works in 3 simple steps…
Step 1 – understand

Read about your personality characteristics and behaviours within these areas:

Work relationships, influence and collaboration, thinking style, structure and flexibility and management of pressure.

Step 2 – discover

Learn how to enhance your career search with personalised tips. This section focuses on three key areas: preparation, application and interview.

Step 3 – take action

At the end of the report is a section for recording your personal action plan, taking into account what you have learned.

And it worked!

The next report was the Interest Fit and wow, I was amazed.  This report is used in conjunction with the Personality Fit report.  As I said at the beginning, I was a organised personal assistant but I also dreamed of being a nurse, based on my answers both those career paths appeared.

Again, 3 simple steps…

Step 1 – understand your work style

Step 2 – evaluate your prospective careers –

Seven career areas are covered along with example jobs falling within each of these areas:








Step 3 – take action

The third report was called skill fit on the front page, when downloaded it changes to job report.  Perhaps an error?

The job fit report once again uses your responses to the 16PF questionnaire to identify your areas of strength and areas for development across key competencies that can be matched to a variety of job specifications.

Once again, three simple steps:

Step 1 – understand your strengths and areas for development.

Step 2 – plan your development.

Step 3 – take action, prepare for your interviews.

And finally, culture fit. This also uses your responses to the 16PF questionnaire to identify your organisational culture preferences.

3 steps.

Step 1 – understand your company culture preferences.  These are categorised in five key areas:

Formal vs informal

Conventional vs innovative

Hierarchical vs flat

Collaborative vs competitive

Open vs political

Step 2 – determine what other factors are most important to you

Step 3 – take action

I wasn’t too sure about this report.  I would think you would already know what company culture you would fit in, you should have done your research before applying!

The results on all the questionnaires are valid for 12 – 18 months.  As a first time user I was impressed and would pay the fee £30 for the career bundle (all 4 reports) or £10 each report. Would I use it again? No, it told me what I already knew and would it change much, no? Some people may find it useful though.

The site itself has lots of positive things, it has a career resource library with plenty of advice.  At the end of each report it has questions to ask yourself before applying for a job, for the interview and whether to accept the job.

I wasn’t inundated with emails. I received an email for each report telling me it was available and then four emails for each badge I received.  The badges are competency badges that you can add to your LinkedIn profiles etc.”


To find out more about Career Clover and to take your own test visit

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