Review of BT Baby Monitor 350 Lightshow

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Reviewed by:  Sally, mum of five

BT monitior

What they say:  Whether you want to keep your newborn entertained, soothe them to sleep or just want to check-in and hear that they’re OK, the BT Baby Monitor 350 Lightshow has everything you need. Featuring HD sound, listening to your little one will be crystal clear. You’ll also have 18 lullabies (including traditional lullabies, classical, nature sounds, white noise and womb sounds), a projected light show and a talk-back feature – plus more – giving you all the tools needed for that extra layer of reassurance.

What we say:  “I’ve had many baby monitors over the years and I must say this was one of the easiest to use and assemble, always a plus point for us busy mums!

As my children are all a little older now, I only really need a monitor to hear if they call out for me – this one had a great range around the house and a clear sound with a wireless range of up to 300m outdoors and up to 50m indoors.

For those with babies or younger children, the monitor has a built-in light show (my kids loved this when they found it!) along with a wide choice of lullabies and sound options which I have previously found great to help calm and soothe babies.

Additional features include a ‘talk back’ feature for if you want to speak to your child without entering the room, a temperature display, a night light and torch – quite a few extras for a very reasonably priced monitor.

As with most baby monitors, the battery life is not great but if you are in one room (for example the living room or bedroom) then keep it plugged in at the mains to save the battery.

The monitor is simple and easy to use – possibly a little too easy as my children have quickly learnt which buttons to press to ‘play’ with the monitor – maybe BT could install a button on the adult handset that stops little fingers from controlling the base in their room?!

All-in-all I’m really happy with this monitor and highly recommend it; great value, good range and clear sound – all you need in a baby monitor.”


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