Review of Brighter Futures: A Parents’ Guide To Raising Happy, Confident Children In The Primary School Years

Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Charlotte

What they say: Brighter Futures has been written by a team of clinical psychologists for parents and carers of children aged 4-11. This book tackles some of the challenges that face a child of this age in the modern world. Maybe your child is struggling to live life to the full. Perhaps worries are holding them back? Maybe they are finding friendships tricky? Maybe teachers have raised concerns that something is getting in the way of your child being happy or fulfilling their potential at school? The team of clinical psychologists guide you through exactly what to do, from figuring out the roots of the problem, to making and reviewing a manageable plan of action.

Each chapter follows the same approach and contains tried and tested strategies that are practical and are focused on the areas of concern. You will be encouraged to consider changes which could make a big difference, providing a unique parenting guide for these difficult years. This book considers the whole child and all the aspects which make up their world including environment, their routines, diet, exercise, brain development, their feelings and their views and helps you guide your child to learn the essential skills of life.


What we say: “Brighter futures is a ‘parents guide to raising happy confident children in the primary school years’. A phrase I think as parents were all striving to achieve in amongst day to day life. The book is written by a team is psychologists and focuses on 6 main areas – anxiety, friendships and bullying, self esteem, anger and frustration, school related stress and concentration and motivation.

I would highly recommend this read to anyone whose child is already at school or about to start…

As a mother of a boy who is young in the school year, I am all too familiar with the difficulties we can sometimes face with getting our children to go to school. From the wobbles of ‘having no one to play with’ to ‘it’s boring’, coupled with the barrage of homework they seem to come home with at such a young age these days – the resulting resistance that can accompany these situations can be challenging. Brighter futures considers the child as a whole and encourages you to widen your thought process to incorporate the environment, routine, diet and brain development etc.

In each chapter you are guided through identifying issues and understanding those to then applying strategies. There are case examples that are useful to highlight how specific strategies are implemented and sections set aside to fill out yourself to reflect on your own parenting and child. You are also given the psychological background to these issues which is not only interesting but really makes things ‘make sense’.

I would highly recommend this read to anyone whose child is already at school or about to start, as I think parts of this book are relevant to all children at some point during their primary school years!”


Brighter Futures is available from many good high street book stores and online from Amazon.


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