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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Reviewer Lynn

bob the artist

What they say:  Bob the bird was just like everybody else… except for his legs…

Bob couldn’t go anywhere without being teased for his legs, Cat made fun of how skinny they were, Owl joked about his funny stick walk, and all the other birds called his legs puny. Bob tried everything to make his legs bigger; body-building didn’t work, eating sausages didn’t work, and trying to cover his legs up with a long coat just made him feel silly. Bob was at a loose end, he didn’t know what else to try, until one day he decided to visit a gallery, and through the power of art he soon discovered that standing out is much more fun than fitting in…

Bob the Artist is a heart-warming story about a young blackbird’s struggles with self-image and fitting in. Join Bob as he quite literally paints himself confident in the style of Matisse and Pollock in this life-affirming story by award-winning illustrator Marion Deuchars.

bob 2

What we say:  “Bob the Artist is a fun, simplistic tale that my daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It is the story of Bob the blackbird who is constantly teased about having skinny legs. He discovers, through art, that it is ok to be different and actually being different can be a good thing. This simple, but important, message was one I wanted to instil in my 7 year old’s mind and this book enabled me to do it in a fun, unobtrusive way.

I must admit, when I read what the book was about, I expected some more information about artists or artistic styles than it contained. It really just provided a nod to a couple of the greats, but perhaps my expectations were unrealistic.

That being said, this is a beautifully presented book with a simple, strong message. It appealed to my elder daughter, who could read it with ease. But my 2 year old also enjoyed all the bright, bold pictures, even if she didn’t follow the story in quite the same way.

A lovely book to snuggle up with the kids to enjoy.”

Bob The Artist is published by Laurence King Publishing and is available from many good book stores and online from Amazon.

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