Review of Bloopies Swimming Mimi doll

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Reviewed by: Mojomums Sally

What they say: Meet Mimi, the new member of the Bloopies family. Mimi a great swimmer who can swim in four different styles! When Mimi is placed in the water she moves her arms to do both front and back stroke. She can also swim with alternate arms on her front and back. Mimi loves to play and squirts water through her snorkel and through her mouth. She can also blow bubbles too! Mimi is very fashionable and wears a customised swimming costume with a sparkly tutu, snorkel and fins! She also comes with a wonderful unicorn seahorse shaped rubber ring!

What we say: “Over the years, my daughters have had many swimming dolls and I have to admit that I don’t think they are the best at swimming, more floating or sinking than swimming tends to go on! So I was interested to see if this new Bloopies doll would stand up to the challenge…

My 7 year old daughter quickly took her into the bathroom to try out. We waited in anticipation…after a few moments, holding our breath, yes, she swam! Go Mimi, go! She swam up and down the bath with ease, on her front and her back and even blows bubbles and squirts water out of her snorkel!

The only real downside I can see so far is that she likes to keep swimming, even out of the water! Having figured out (thanks Google!) that this stops when you remove her swim suit, it’s only a minor complaint and all in all this is the best swimming doll that I have come across so far – and having four daughters I have seen a few!”


Bloopies Swimming Mimi doll is available from many high street toy stores and online from Amazon.



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