Review of Bio-Oil Scar Care Kit

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums Sally

bio oil scar kit

What they say:  The UK’s no.1 selling scar and stretch mark product is excited to launch a new, limited edition Bio-Oil Scar Care Kit to help promote proactive care of old and new scars at home.

The new handy kit includes a 60ml bottle of specialist skincare product Bio-Oil along with a professional massage roller for optimum application of the oil.

Bio-Oil’s unique formulation has been clinically proven to help improve the appearance of new and old scars and trials show that after 8 weeks of using Bio-Oil 92% saw an improved appearance of scars.

Using the professional massage roller included in the kit helps the product better penetrate the scar area and increases blood circulation which speeds up the natural regeneration process. Physically massaging a product into the scar can also help with coming to terms with the scar, 11% of women agree.

3 Steps to Scar Care:

Step 1 – Nourish: Apply a few drops of Bio-Oil to the scar area allowing the natural plant oils in the formula to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to reduce redness and itching.
Step 2 – Massage: Using the professional massage roller, gently massage in a circular motion for up to 3 minutes until the oil is fully absorbed helping to soften & hydrate the scar tissue and accelerate its healing process.
Step 3 – Regenerate: Bio-Oil’s active ingredients vitamins A & E help increase the elasticity of the skin and stimulate collagen production important in repairing scar tissue.

What we say:  “I am a fan of Bio-Oil and have used it for many years now so I was keen to see whether the massage roller would make both application and results better…

The roller is simple to use and helped to make application easy and fairly quick to absorb – and no more oily fingers!

The instructions advise to massage for around 3 minutes and I am sure over time this would definitely help to breakdown scar tissue with ease.  I am going to continue with my daily after-shower massage routine, any reduction in the visibility of my scar is welcome!”


Bio-Oil Scar Care Kit is £15.99 available exclusively at selected Boots stores and for a limited time only.


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  1. kiran says:

    Hi did the scar kit work? Have you got any updated results

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