Review of BING BAKING app for children

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Charlene and family

bing baking

What they say:  BING BAKING gives Bingsters the freedom to explore their creativity in Bing’s world, with a series of baking activities to tickle their imaginary taste buds. Join in the fun and games as you help Bing and Flop in their kitchen to create some tasty treats!

Watch them roll some ‘digital’ dough neatly with a rolling pin or squish it with their hands, choose from a variety of biscuit cutters and tap Flop to put their biscuits in the oven, keep an eye on Chicky Timer to let Flop know when it’s time to take the biscuits out, decorate them their own way with lots and lots of icing, sprinkles, chocolate drops and fruit, take a photo of Bing and Flop with their creations and finally eat their own yummy-delicious biscuits with Bing – nom nom nom!

Based on the insightful books by Ted Dewan, BING is a much-loved British CGI-animated children’s pre-school TV series focused on BING and his carer Flop, as he takes on the little challenges that life presents.

Baking…it’s a Bing thing!

What we say:  “My son and I were given the opportunity to review the Bing Baking application.  It’s an application that simulates the preparation, creation, cooking and decorating of biscuits. It was quick and easy to download.

We invited some friends round to help us with this review!   It was great fun watching the screen as they were rolling the dough, then poking it and using various cutters to create different shape biscuits.

The application is great for encouraging hand eye coordination and motor skills in younger children as you use your finger to perform each task.  Rolling out the dough required moving the finger up and down on the screen, hitting the timer when it beeps to prevent the biscuits from burning, then creative skills when decorating the biscuits.

All the way through Bing and Flop talk to you and encourage you as you go through the different prep and cooking stages.  They tell you what is required at each stage, rather than having a blurb on screen that an adult would need to read and then explain.

A great application which would suit children of pre-school age.”


BING BAKING will be available on all mobile platforms from the AppStore from 14th July 2016 and Google Play and Amazon from 11th August 2016.


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