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Reviewed by: Mojomums reviewer Mel

What they say: Baby Wee Max is the funniest baby. He’s always thirsty so give him his water bottle and listen to him drink up! Uh Oh! Now he needs his nappy changing. Open his nappy and … surprise! Max will wee and giggle hysterically! Baby Wee Max is very cheeky, he will tell you when he is thirsty and when he needs to wee! Max comes with his own top, nappy and bottle.

What we say: “Another doll for any fans of dolls that actually do things similar to babies! Going by its name, Baby Wee Max actually does wee!

My daughter found this quite hilarious!

Give Max his bottle and like any baby it goes straight through him, but not into his nappy, oh no, when you lift his nappy to check he then does his wee…yes, over and over again!

Costing around £35 this is definitely a Christmas or birthday present rather than something that you would just buy for your child, but with Christmas around the corner I’m sure it will be on many young childrens Christmas wish lists!”


Baby Wee dolls retail for £34.99 and are available from many high street toy stores and online from Amazon.

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