Review of B Kids Pop and Learn Train

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Reviewed by:  Sarah and Matthew aged 1


Product/Toy Name: B Kids Pop and Learn Train


What they say:
Pop n Learn Train is a sweet little engine that plays the ‘Alphabet Song’ and ‘Train to the City’. It also comes with seven delightful pop-up blocks featuring letters and words. The train recognises each letter and helps teach the alphabet. There is also a game that encourages the child to find the right picture for the letter. This creative product supports early childhood development in a fun, interesting, and engaging way. Children will learn while having fun.


What I say: Fab little train that keeps my little one entertained. Loves the blocks and the singing train and finds it funny trying to put the blocks on the train whilst moving the train at the same time!


Favourite thing: The music he dances along to it!


Worst thing: The music – it does get a little repetitive for us parents!


Overall Comment: A great toy that makes my little one dance and laugh!


Mark out of ten: 9/10


Questions for the mum

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long? Yes, how long depends on mood and amount of sleep had! But it is a favourite to give him when I need to leave the room and do something!


Was it what they were expecting? I think it is better than I was expecting as the blocks can be a separate toy, plus the train, then the music and then all together!


Is the toy aimed at the right age group? 12+ months I think this is fine although I would have no problem giving this toy to a slightly younger child too.


Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking? Yes

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  1. Maria says:

    This is so cool, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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