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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Gillian


What they say:  Many parents know it can be a struggle to get kids to eat healthy, unprocessed food, particularly fussy kids. Married couple and graphic designers Zoë Bather and Joe Sharpe found this with their own picky kids but found huge success when they made food fun, experimental and got their kids involved in the whole process from recipe selection and picking ingredients to prepping and cooking meals.

And so ‘The Ingreedies’ were born, a colourful band of food explorers who teach kids all about food from around the world, from the explosive chillies of Mexico to the magical spices of India. Drawing on the culture, history, science and geography behind our food, Around the World with the Ingreedies is an imaginative and inspiring cookbook adventure that will get kids excited about mealtimes and teach them about food from around the world, how it has evolved and how to cook it.

The book features recipes that children can get involved with cooking and will love to eat, including Chinese Dan Dan noodles, Moroccan chicken stew, Italian pizza, French Tarte Tatin and many more. This adventure through food will tantalise childrens’ taste buds and inspire adventures in the kitchen and is great for fans of Richard Scarry and Tintin.

What we say:  “The Ingreedies, overseen by chef, take you on an international tour of dishes, ingredients and cooking styles. The pages are richly illustrated and convey information in pictures as well as simple texts around the page. In the different regions it looks at typical ingredients and dishes as well as some cultural/ historical snippets to – my son was very interested to read that medieval Swedish fishermen preserved fish by burying them!

We looked through the book together with each of us reading some, and choosing the recipe that we were going to make – Dan Dan noodles!

The recipes are clear with steps that children can undertake highlighted, the noodles were delicious and we are looking forward to trying the other recipes too!

All in all it is a great crossover book between factual and cook book to share with children and encourage them onto making yummy dinner dishes.”


Around the World with the Ingreedies is available from many good book stores and also online from Amazon.

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