Review of Air Wars Battle Drones

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Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Alicia

What they say:  Get ready for exciting aerial combat like never before as Air Wars Battle Drones take flight. With two awesome drones in a pack, players take to the air to do combat against their opponent so load your weapons, launch your drone and knock your rival out of the sky.

The unique radio controlled quad copters are sold as a pair with two robust drones in a pack and come complete with infantry of cool customisable weapons along with two controllers, replacement propellers, micro USB chargers and rechargeable batteries, everything you need to take flight.

The super-tough drones are easy to fly and have pre-programmed attack moves ready to knock opponents out of the sky.

Air Wars Battle Drones are easy to use with intuitive controls and build to withstand collisions. Mum and Dad won’t have to worry about these drones as they are built to crash into one another.

What we say:  “My son and husband love these drones! I was worried that they would be hard to control and not be able to actually ‘fight’ but even I have been able to get to grips with the controls!

When you are first learning how to control them, don’t panic if they fly into eachother as they are designed to impact and are less fragile than they initially look.

Charging takes around a couple of hours and they have lasted for over 5 minutes flying/fighting time.

We have had lots of fun Air Wars agianst eachother in the garden – I’m not sure that we will use them indoors, I’d be a bit concerned about my ceiling, we will save them for garden fun!”


Air Wars Battle Drones SRP at £79.99, stockists include Argos and Smyths

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