Review of Adam’s Amazing Adventures Children’s books

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Reviewed by:  Kelly and her 3 year old twins

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What they say:  There’s something magical about Ireland, I don’t know if it’s the welcoming people, the celtic myths and legends, or the idea that there’s magic behind every corner. Magic exists in the very old, and very young, and it floods us all in between.

With children, there’s a special kind of magic. This beautiful, untouched aura. They are pure, perfect beings that we create. They to
us, are our magic.

What if, this magic was taken away. This indescribable little force of nature, full of fairy dust, innocence, laughter, smiles, and most
importantly love.

For Benji Bennett, author of the Adam’s Cloud series of books, his little magic, Adam was tragically taken away. However, magic exists in many forms, and despite losing his little magic Adam, Benji channelled his loss and created a way for Adam’s magic to live on.

Since its magical birth seven years ago, the Adam’s Cloud series has taken off. It’s been taken into the hearts, of Mums, Dads and children alike.

The message of the books is simple. If every child gets a “If every child gets an extra 10 minutes of play time, and a hug & kiss, and are told that they are loved at the end of the day, well that’s ok”. Benji wants families to reconnect and spend more time together. He wants to put the fun, laughter and love back into the family unit.

These books, are magical and full love. No matter what age you are, you can’t help but be drawn in by this extraordinary little boy and his adventures.

What we say:

adams pirate adventure

“I love to read to my children and am always on the lookout for new and different books to keep the boys engaged and I have to say, they have loved to hear about Adam!

The stories rhyme gently and don’t have too many words per page so they are happy to look at the pictures while I talk aloud.  The imagery is bright and colourful and each page gives us plenty to talk about, before continuing with the story.

adams 2

We have read through four of the books, with the boys favourite being Adam’s Pirate Adventure – lots of fun to be had here before bedtime!  I love how each story ends with a kiss goodnight and I have a little gulp in my throat when I think that the author of these books cannot do that with his son anymore…it certainly make me give my children an extra tight squeeze just before bed.”

Watch this space for a competition to win an Adam’s Cloud collection coming soon…

For more information and to order books visit Adam’s Cloud

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