Review of 42 Days by AJ Roberts

Reviewed by:  Mojomums reviewer Lynn


What they say: ¬†Do you remember what the weather was like over the Golden Jubilee weekend of 2002? Do you remember what went to Number 1 in the charts on the Sunday afternoon? Do you remember the score between England and Sweden in their World Cup football match? Do you know what weighs only one pound and eight ounces? Rob does, he remembers all of them very well…

What we say: ¬†“I have just finished reading 42 Days by AJ Roberts. I believe this is the author’s first novel, and if I am going to be honest about it, based on the cover and synopsis on the back, it is not a book that I would have chosen to buy. However, on reading it I was pleasantly surprised, and would certainly look out for books by AJ Roberts in the future.

The story is told from the perspective of Rob… A married father of two who is a self confessed cynic. His views of the world, whilst cynical, were also very humorous at times. And as a mum of two myself, his observations were all too familiar as well. Rob’s family life gets thrown into disarray when his wife Katie gives birth to their third child at only twenty seven weeks.

The book faces up to every parents worst nightmare as their baby arrives into the world far too early and the huge range of emotions as they try to bond and ultimately will their child to live and come home. But it also dramatically shows the impact that such an event can have on wider family life, not just on the parents, but their other children’s lives, grandparents and friends.

The writing style is intelligent, insightful and captivates your interest from the very first page. This is the story of a very ordinary man who has been put in a very extraordinary position. It catalogues his journey and all his mixed emotions as he tries to keep everything together and get back to normal family life. It is both touching and heartbreaking and, at various times, had me laughing or wiping away a tear.

I would thoroughly recommend giving this book a chance. I don’t think you will regret it….. I certainly didn’t.”

42 Days is available to purchase from many good book stores and online at Amazon.

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