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Dino 1


Last month we decided to go to the Natural History Museum. Bethany has been learnign about Dinosaurs at school and she wanted the characters from Dinosaur Train for Christmas so we thoguth a day out at the museum to see the dinosuars would be a fun family day out. We want on a Sunday and drove to London – there are no parking restrictions on a Sunday so we got there early just before it opened at 10am and parked literally on the corner looking at the museum building. There was a big queue outside so we waited a little while before going in. When we got in we went straight to the Dinosaur section. It was fabulous, lots to see, we went ove the bridge to see the T-Rex moving and roaring at us and then throught the exhibition it was great. Bethany loved it!

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We then went on to the Mammals and birds and the rest of the museum. We were there for 4 hours and I would say we could have stayed all day, but we went off to find some lunch as the cafe and restaurant in the museum were very busy.


We visited the gift shop and there was lots we could have brought – I thought it was quite expensive but the quality of the merchandise was good.


I would highly recommend the museum as a great day out for the family – it is a long day and there is a lot of walking – so pack the snacks to keep the little ones happy and give them a boost along the way. For more information about the museum go to:

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