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Mega Blocks

Reviewed by

Adult: Amanda

Child: Bethany  Age: 3


Product/Toy Name: Mega Blocks


What they say: Build and stack for limitless fun with the award-winning First Builders Big Building Bag. These bright primary-coloured blocks encourage hands-on exploration and open-ended play. Construct tall towers and fantastic fortresses. First Builders blocks are made big, especially for little hands to handle. When playtime is over, conveniently pack and store the blocks in our new eco-friendly, PVC- free packaging.
60 First Builders blocks for hours of play.
A classic primary colour scheme
Eco-friendly, PVC-free packaging with strap for storage and portability
Compatible with other First Builders products for continuing fun.


What I say: A handy carry bag with 60 pieces of mega blocks in, great for taking to nannies house to play with or baby sitter as not to big and keeps her entertained for ages! We already had some Mega blocks so this just added to the collection. Great for keeping little minds active and big so easy to use and handle.


Price: Around £14.99


Favourite thing: The handy carry bag for taking out of home.


Worst thing: I can’t think of a negative, it is great as first sized building blocks.


Overall Comment: My daughter really enjoys playing with blocks – it says it goes up to 5 years old however I think my daughter will be progressing up to next size building blocks soon as she is starting to get frustrated that she can’t build certain things and I think the smaller blocks would help, but for 1-3 I would highly recommend


Mark out of ten: 9/10


Questions for mum

Did it keep your child entertained and for how long? Absolutely keeps her entertained – she can usually build for about 20-30 minutes on her own, but I fyou join in it can laast a lot longer.


 Was it what they were expecting? Yes the blocks are really strong and sturdy, exactly what I expected.


Is the toy aimed at the right age group? Yes for the lower age group although I think by 5 they may be progressing to the smaller blocks.


Is the toy safe and durable? Did it survive a play session without breaking? Absolutely


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