Reflexology for babies and children

Alternative therapies for adults have been used for many years now and are deemed ‘the norm’ by many of us as an additional way to help assist standard medical practices; many of us have turned to acupuncture, reflexology, massage.  But have you thought of using these therapies for your children?

Mojomums hears from Sue Ricks who has over 20 years worth of experience in reflexology about the positive health benefits of using reflexology on children:

“One of the most recent cases is of a little girl aged 18 months whose mother says that her daughter has been transformed as a result of having just four treatments. She originally brought her daughter to the clinic having heard a talk on the effectiveness of reflexology for babies and toddlers. Little ‘A’ had eczema that was affecting her all over her body and especially on her chin, arms and legs. The patches were sore and weeping.

reflexology - baby 1

By treatment two, little ‘A’ had shown a marked improvement in terms of sleeping throughout the night (for the first time) and her mother said that she was much less ‘cranky’. After treatment three, her skin was really starting to improve and by treatment four the following changes were observed:

  • Her skin had almost totally cleared up
  • Four teeth had emerged and she did not appear to have suffered
  • She was talking and communicating a huge amount more – family on a recent visit were amazed at the difference that three weeks had made
  • She had become a much calmer and happier child
  • Most importantly, she had stopped crying, scratching and whimpering all the time.

 reflexology baby 2

Another case was a baby with torticollis, where the head is tilted toward one side (cervical lateral flexion), and the chin is elevated and turned toward the opposite side (cervical extension), diagnosed by his paediatrician. He was unable to turn his head to his left. After a very light connection with the solar plexus reflex point in the first treatment , he pulled back rapidly – which was a highly sensitive response. I connected with his right foot and then I tried again with the left; he was then accepting of the gentle touch. As I continued to connect at the solar plexus, his feet softened and he turned his head to his left and looked at me! It was amazing. The mother said it was the first time she had noticed him able to do that!

A six week old baby girl who had been having endless bouts of crying soon responded to her first treatment.  Her mother was delighted at the little girl’s reaction. Every time the reflex point over the areas that relate to her bowels was treated, she became mildly fidgety. As the treatment progressed, I noticed the reflex points improving and then she settled down completely.  I also noted that during the treatment there was an indication of a small degree of spinal imbalance that may have been affecting her too. This too responded well to treatment. I frequently notice that children with non specific crying or restlessness have an irregularity in the sacral area that can be soothed by the lightest of touch over and through the specific reflex points.  My advice is to work over the area extremely lightly and then smooth with a softly cupped hand and fingers.”

Have you used reflexology to help benefit your child?  We would love to hear your stories – email us at


Sue Ricks (AoR) (Hons) has over twenty years of experience in reflexology, working with a group of practitioners and students she has managed to demonstrate the overall positive health and wellbeing effects of young children receiving reflexology – visit her website at

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