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Most parents, unless they’re incredibly lucky, suffer a stage where getting their children to consume a single vegetable is a daily headache. Things with ‘bits in’ often don’t go down well either and you spend your days worrying they’re not eating healthily enough. Fear not – help is at hand with this amazing pasta sauce which – with the pasta of their choice and a handful of grated cheese – covers all the essential food groups.

TIP: Make a huge batch and freeze in small containers. Take out of the freezer a few hours before you need it for a nutritious easy, meal the kids will love.
- One onion
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 1-2 bottles of tomato passata (depending on how much you want to make)

Healthy veg of your choice, peeled and cut into small cubes:
- 2 carrots – carrots are an essential basic in this because they are sweet and when cooked through will blend up smoothly
- Red pepper – a great choice in this sauce
- Orange sweet potato – also a good choice because of the sweetness. Bear in mind sweet potatoes will thicken the sauce, so you can always add a bit of water if it turns out too thick
- Butternut Squash – also a sweet choice which will counteract the sharpness of the tomato
- Courgette: green but not too green. Beware of using (too much) spinach for example because it will colour the sauce and may set off alarm bells!

- Tin of red kidney beans – amazing healthy protein
- A handful of basil leaves
- Grated cheese or soft cheese (stir in a large spoonful of soft cheese at the end to give it a creamy finish)
  1. Fry the onion over a low heat until soft.
  2. Vegetables don’t seem to cook as quickly in passata as they do in boiling water so make sure you cut them up into reasonably small pieces. Add the vegetables and garlic and stir around for a few minutes.
  3. Add the passata, basil leaves and kidney beans and bring to the boil. Turn down to a simmer for about 20 minutes and keep a lid on your pan so you don’t lose too much liquid.
  4. Check all the veg are cooked otherwise you’ll be left with lumpy bits when you blend it up.
  5. Once they’re cooked – turn off the heat and allow to cool a bit before you whizz it to a smooth sauce with a hand blender.
  6. You can add a generous spoonful of soft cheese before you blend it up if you want a creamy sauce, or leave it as is and give them a pile of grated cheese to add themselves once it’s on their plate.
Approx serving:
Make in bulk to freeze!
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