Rainy day wellies

With all of this rain appearing to be never-ending, my dreams of spring style shoes have gone out of the window!  Instead, this weekend I am on the hunt for the perfect, yet fashionable, pair of wellies!  For all of the family…

For her:

Wellie boots should be practical yet fun!  Everyone knows you are wearing them because of this dreadful weather, so let go & enjoy them…!!!

For Little boys:

Boys will be boys & my two love this weather – splashing in muddly puddles (a la Peppa & George Pig) is all the rage in my household so a decent pair of wellies is a must…

For little girls:

Bright, pretty wellies for walking to school, splashing in the park, playing in the garden…

For him:


…& if you can get him to wear wellies, its probably only going to be a classic style & you can’t go wrong with investment Hunters – these are on sale at M&M Direct for £39.54

So grab a new pair of wellies, put on your coats & hats, & head out for a rainy day walk – with a splash or two in a puddle on your way!

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