Puddle Jumper Deluxe – (childs swim aid)

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What they say:


New Puddle Jumper with fun designs so that children can play free and safety! Combining practicality and safety, the Puddle Jumper meets all the requirements to play and learn to swim safely.

Choose from a huge variety of different prints and colours.

Product Features

• Super stable: confidence booster for little swimmers!

• Fully adjustable tight fitting: piece of minds for parents

• Fits well: complete freedom of motion in water and on the beach

• Fun design: kids want to wear it!

• Buoyant swimming device EN1318-1

• Fits children between 15-25kg


Reviewed by Sally:


It’s one of those products that literally made me think where have you been all my life! – with 5 children, two of which have now learnt to swim and years and years of trying to roll arm bands on wet arms, life vests that topple the children over and rubber rings with holes in I stumbled across this Puddle Jumper!


Having seen someone talking about it on Facebook I ordered them for my (at the time) just turned 3 year old triplets for our recent trip to Center Parcs. We clipped them on and was pleased to see that they didn’t try to undue them or moan about wearing them. We spent a while in the toddler pool and which was very shallow and they happily kept them on down the slides and whilst playing with the toys in the pool.


The next test was the large pool, normally and in any other floatation garment we would have to hang onto the children and adult per child as they never really float safely without tipping. Not with the puddle jumper; they stayed upright, didn’t tip and they were free to float around safely. We were also able to let go of them and they loved it! They even floated down the lazy river (with us in grabbing distance) unaided!

 puddle jumper 2

It made a huge different to our swimming experience – to both them and us and by the end my 5 year old was asking for one! She can swim, but she was very jealous that they were able to float around when she couldn’t!


It’s rare that a product impresses me, with 5 children and the demands of triplets I am fussy as I need a product to work well – this did!


My only concern about this product is giving up clothing space to take it abroad! – they are light but bulky compared to a product that deflates – however the reason they work is due to the clever design and the peace of mind is worth the clothing space – of course this will be my husband’s clothing space anyway!


I paid £11.99 for the deluxe version on ebay. I had no idea it was the deluxe version until writing this review so I cannot comment on the ordinary version. We got two pink and a blue one which they loved.


For more information about the Puddle Jumper visit their website

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