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Name: Rachel Saunders

rachel saunders


Age: 40

Number of children: 3 Boys. James is 19 and away at Exeter University studying sports and health science.  Max is 3 and Lewis is 1.

Job title: Owner of 2 Little Legs

Duties: 2 Little legs is a company that makes bold and fun leggings and accessories from organic jersey cotton for babies and children.  Its also a one women show so I do everything from Sourcing the fabric, Making the clothes, Advertising, Orders, Keeping stock, Deliveries, Accounts etc

Hours: Max and Lewis go to nursery two days a week and go to their nannies one day a week. This is the time I dedicate to making the clothes.  In reality, I also get up early so I can work before everybody else wakes up and I work every evening doing the website, ordering materials, doing invoices, advertising and promotions etc.  I also work as much as I can when my partner is home at the weekend so its full on.

What I love about work: I love being my own boss, making the decisions and being in control.  If I do it wrong I have nobody else to blame but when I do it right I feel very proud.

What I find difficult: Trying to juggle everything and you always feel guilty about what your not doing.  If I’m with the children I’m thinking about what else I need to do, if I’m doing orders I’m thinking I should be with the children.  My house and garden are far messier than they were before I started and I don’t see my family and friends as much anymore.

2 little legs 3

My working life would be easier if…There was an extra day in the week!

Work/life balance This is the hard bit and I’m sure every working parent would say the same. There is no easy answer but having a supportive partner really helps

How has having children changed the work I do? Before I started 2 Little Legs I had a 20 year career working for a multi national company.  I used to work long hours and travel but since having the two youngest children I didn’t want to do that that anymore and had the opportunity where I could leave work and give this a go.  Its only been 4 months so far but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Fantasy job If I had my time again I would like to be a weather presenter as I love the weather.

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