Profile of a working mum: Nadia from The Boost Box Company

Job title:  Founder of The Boost Box Company

Number of children:  3

Duties: Pretty much everything from fulfilling orders, answering phone calls and responding to emails, to updating the stock, taking the photos, researching and reviewing new products and posting on social media.

Hours: I’m an early riser – 5am is not unusual for me – that’s when I can plough through a lot of work and really focus on the day ahead. I tend to stop around 6pm, but it all depends on what else is happening. The great thing about running your own business is the flexibility it affords you, if I need to go somewhere or do something that isn’t work related I can just make up the time later.

Childcare arrangements: My kids are 19, 17 and 15 respectively so childcare isn’t really an issue for me – we tend to all muck in together these days and get by as best we can.

What I love about work: When people get in touch to tell me that their Boost Box made their day – that’s special.

What I find difficult is: To be honest, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do. There are so many people working in jobs they don’t enjoy, in an organization that doesn’t necessarily value them, and for a salary that barely covers their bills, it makes what I am doing seem a breeze. I am choosing to do this, and feel incredibly lucky that I have that choice.

My working life would be easier if…there were a few more hours in the day!

Work/mum life balance: I walk every day and swim every other day which really helps me to collect my thoughts and allows me to gain some perspective on what I am doing. I’m also very disciplined about my evenings, I tend to switch off around 6 and eat dinner with the kids and just generally catch up on their day. I often go out to see a film, go to a gig or catch up with friends – it’s important to get that balance.

How having children has changed the work I do: Quite simply, if Bibi hadn’t got ill I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing, so having children has literally changed my life.

Fantasy job / If I wasn’t doing this… I’d quite like to be an astrologer or graphologist.

Mojomums helps mums get their mojo back – what advice would you give to mums who feel they have lost theirs?  I think mums and women in general are always being told what to do or how they should be – it can be hard to hear your own voice sometimes, so my advice would be to trust yourself, no one knows you better than yourself.

Anything else? Trust your instinct – they are usually right.


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