Preparation and organisation that’s all I need, oh and a bit of motivation too!

So I am having a baby – I have to keep saying it out loud in the hope the penny will finally drop. I have to pack a bag and get prepared for this event and I haven’t! So I have been asking and reading what I should do so here is the things that will be going in my hospital bag!

Notes – These were left on the side last time and John had to do a Nigel Mansell style drive home to retrieve them!

Car park money – Our hospital car park is a fortune I probably need notes however obviously the machine won’t take them!

Slippers – OK I don’t own any that weren’t a joke present and I can be seen in public in so they must go on the shopping list!

Dressing gown – I have a thin dressing gown as hospitals are always a billion degrees.

Nighties – Primark specials – I am not investing in glamour!

Undies/ disposable knickers – I brought disposable knickers last time – firstly they come up so small and secondly you might as well sit on a piece of newspaper they are uncomfortable and horrible! I did also have more of Primarks finest so I will invest in a few more pairs of those!

Maternity and breast pads – Say no more!

Nursing bras – I have a couple already. I will again attempt breast feeding I am guessing it won’t last long!

Toiletries – toothbrush/paste, hair brush, moisturiser, cleanser, toner, mascara, lip salve.

Towel – I had a shower after last time so I will take a towel, shower gel and even shampoo and conditioner.

Snacks and drinks – for me and hubby Diet coke, chocolate, crisps and biscuits, I might as well make the most of my last “fat” day!

Comfy clothes to go home in – leggings and a jumper

Hair band – nothing more annoying than hair in your face!

Last time I packed a book, cards, films and DVD player, I pod and we didn’t get chance to use any of them – I will pack them again this time, in the hope it is also wasted!


For Baby:

Nappies – Must buy!

Cotton wool – To show willing for the first bum change – then straight onto wipes when nobody is looking to judge me! Also I have learnt and will in fact pack cotton wool pads and not those stupid balls that separate and are tiny and no use on those horrible first few colourful poos!

Vests – 5 just to be on the safe side, these are in the loft and will emerge at some point in need of a wash and to be packed away

Babygrows – 7 Again just in case, again in the loft in need of washing

Hat – 1 I always worry they are too hot but hey I do as I am told!

Scratch mitts – 1pair

Muslins – 3 or however many I can find and fit in the bag!

Blanket – I know I have a lovely white one from last time round I even think it is still in the cupboard!

All in one suit for going home – Not sure if the first size one I have from last time is pink or not as it was August when we took her home. I will have to investigate this as I may need to purchase one if the weather continues to be awful!

Car seat – We definitely have one, I am fairly sure it is in the loft

I packed sudocream, scissors, baby wash and a sponge and towel last time too, so I will do that again.


Right I think that is all I need but if I have forgotten anything please let me know! Right now when do I need all this organised by I think about 3 weeks before so I have about 8/9 weeks to get this sorted, that should be no problem!


Other things I need to get ready for home:

Moses basket and stand in the loft we need to bring down and check it is OK.

Buggy has been in the garage I am pretty sure I will need to convince my other half it is beyond a bit of elbow grease and get a new one!

Cot sides – the cot is currently my 3 year olds bed so we need to find the sides and screws to turn it back into a cot that could be fun!

New bedroom – We need to clear, clean and decorate the back bedroom for my daughter before new baby arrives home so she can get used to it and not feel pushed out.

Baby bouncy chair – this was our saviour when Bethany was little as if you wrapped her in a blanket and put her in it slightly on her side and put the vibrate button on she thought she was still being held in my arms!

Steriliser and first size bottles again all put away in a safe place we just need to find them clean them and get them ready.

Mobile – I think this broke so I must investigate and get a new one!

New changing mat I had one in her bedroom that matched the nursery but we also had a cheap plastic one (which is much better as wipe able!) This has seen better days so I need a new one of these.

Changing bag – This was so used last time I definitely need a new one (Any excuse for a new bag!)

Shopping list – I need to buy formula and dummies just in case.


OK that seems like I have a plan and everything is organised and I know what I need. I just need a bit of motivation now to actually get all this done in time for little ones arrival which obviously won’t be the 28th April as predicted! Let’s just hope it doesn’t arrive too early or it might have to come home wrapped in my coat and sleep in a drawer! It is all so overwhelming I genuinely can’t believe how disorganised I am! Where is super nanny when I need her!?




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