Pregnancy cravings!

With Mojomums’ Amanda in the last stages of pregnancy, it appears that she has been lucky to avoid any ‘unusual’ cravings!

A new survey reveals the weirdest and wackiest hankerings experienced by mums-to-be…

A poll from C&G Baby Club Community reveals a third of pregnant women (31%) are just as likely to find the object of their craving in a chemist or hardware store, as they are in a supermarket, as they admit to unusual hankerings for non-food items, such as soap (11%), chalk (6%) and toothpaste (5%), as well as creative combos such as sausages and jam

The survey found the most popular cravings to be sweet chocolate (30%); sour pickles (29%); and salty crisps (28%). With some of the more unconventional individual responses including rubber, paint and rocks, while one person even said tree bark and another the smell of tennis balls!

Nutritionist, Jo Travers, comments: “Mums needn’t be fazed by their pregnancy cravings. After all, they are just one of the weird and wonderful experiences of pregnancy that every mum-to-be has.”

Other weird and wonderful cravings listed by pregnant women surveyed include:

·       Banana with marmite

·       Ice cream and chips

·       Prawn cocktail crisps and strawberry yoghurt

·       Cheese and onion crisps with nutella

·       Chicken and ice cream

·       Sweet and sour curry with salad cream

·       Wood chips

·       The smell of shoe polish


A few of the Mojomums team have experienced cravings during their pregnancies including a need for citrus fruits, jelly sweets, gherkins & cream cakes (Umm, is that a pregnancy related craving, I’m not sure?!)

We’d love to hear if you had any unusual cravings…!!!


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