Plastic Surgery: Is it Worth it? Pros and Cons, Fears and Hopes.

It is hard to look at a newsstand today without finding a story about plastic surgery, and the same goes for online media websites. Whether it is a report about a celebrity or a recent trend, it seems that the nation is very keen to discuss the many new procedures available. Perhaps it is no surprise, seeing as plastic surgery has only become more affordable in recent years. The rise of medical tourism and cosmetic surgery travel packages has created a surge of industry encouraging the opening of clinics and training of many more doctors.

However, not all these media stories are good – it is by no means uncommon to read about plastic surgery horror stories or medical community scepticism when it comes to cosmetic surgery. What should the newcomer believe? Let’s look at some of the most common stories.

Some customers have been confused about whether plastic surgery can increase age in the long-term. This is a tricky question, but it is certain that procedures such as tummy tuck surgery and face lift give immediate results and attack the most prominent signs of ageing. Some doctors have mentioned that ageing could be worsened due to a bad procedure, and others have spoken about the creation of fat cells from the body, that cannot be controlled by surgery.

International medical tourism has increased the number of cheap procedures available, from breast implant to fat transfer surgery. Because cosmetic tourism is a competitive market, there are options that are more budget than others, and arguably this has contributed to a lower standard of surgery. Tabloids are quick to pick up on nightmare stories, and whilst their writing is exaggerated, the stories bare an important message about cosmetic tourism. Cheap is not always the best, and one must always be prepared to do research into what they are signing up for.

Plastic surgery travel and surgery holidays are finding themselves at the end of many of these negative articles, and it should serve as a wake-up call for customers and industry members. A standard must be insured so that these kinds of incidents do not factor into decision making. With the increase of surgeries in developing countries like India and South America it has become harder to keep a definite track of what is going on in the world of plastic surgery.

It comes down to the fact that standards of medical practice are generally higher in Europe, and better enforced, meaning there is always a level of risk involved with plastic surgery tourism in South America, India and other destinations. European standards of practice in plastic surgery can be observed in Prague, Czech Republic, where plastic surgery in particular is setting high achievements. Hopefully, with increased regulation and a better standard for doctors, customers will not think about whether their surgery will scar them, but rather consider the effectiveness, comfort and environment of their plastic surgery holiday.


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