Pillow People, Annie Sullivan and Patrick Hawkins

Pillow People occurred to Annie Sullivan in the form of a short poem while she was travelling by train in Europe. Struggling to sleep, she imagined who could help it happen. As a singer and songwriter, Annie sometimes shares her songs and poems with friends. One night, illustrator Patrick Hawkins was lucky enough to be there. Together they developed the idea, evolving the poem and the characters into a positive and colourful little book that can help ease kids into a peaceful dreamy slumber.

Publisher: Patrick Hawkins (20 Feb 2014)

Reviewer: Briony Stebbings

The Pillow People is all about getting that routine in place to create a clam and happy night’s sleep. By making children want to go to bed and fall asleep so the Pillow People will awake and take them to a magical place.

This isn’t the kind of book I’d normally pick up for my little boy, I’m not a fan of the illustrations, overly bright colours or the typeface that has been used. To me it has the feeling that the book has been designed around the thought that children need something childish, which I don’t find to be true.

That being said the story and the rhyme itself is rather nice. It’s short and sweet and talks of beautiful dreams and a great night’s sleep. Just because the design and illustrations in the book aren’t for me that doesn’t mean that others won’t like them and like they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. It is a lovely little bedtime story and great for those nights when you really only want a few words so you can your little one tucked in and have a few adult hours to yourself!

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