Pam Ayres – You Made Me Late Again!

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With over fifty new poems from Britain’s favourite poet, You Made Me Late Again! is an essential addition to Pam Ayres’ incomparable collection of works.

Pam’s poems are observant, witty and poignant in equal measure. In ‘The Swifts’ and ‘The Pyracantha Anthem’ she marvels at nature, while ‘A Patient’s Prayer’ and ‘Litter Moron’ offer wry views on Modern Britain. From the dog being afraid of the toaster to your son leaving home for university; and from the search for that perfect swimsuit to becoming a gran for the first time – Pam’s poems are beautifully crafted, and her subjects the everyday and the universal.

Delightfully illustrated, most of the poems in You Made Me Late Again! are brand new, yet it also features several firm favourites from her stage shows, published for the first time, such as ‘The Make-up Lady’ and ‘Tippy Tappy Feet’.

Publisher: Ebury Publishing

Reviewer: Nola Eaton

This book is a collection of poems, anecdotes and short verses from the inimitable Pam Ayres.  It’s a collection of the poems, tweets and sketches.  The book depicts life’s events with which we are all familiar, but are you familiar with the fears of a Racehorse?  I found the sketches worked really well when I imagined Pam reading/acting them out, her writing is observational, sentimental and witty; always kind and not cruel. 

This book isn’t a challenge to read but appeals in a humorous, gentle way.  I could personally identify with so many of the situations about which she writes, with such wonderful humour and sentiment, and if I wasn’t in them I certainly know people who were.  We are all familiar with the feelings she expresses.  She watches life, good or bad, and writes about it just as it is.  This is a great introduction to poetry that does not need deep analysis to understand its meaning.

I particularly liked the following, but had to stop the list otherwise it would have read like the book’s Contents List.

The Mattress up the Stairs

The Seagull


The Broken Woman

Did I Turn Off my Tongs

A September Song

Boyfriend To Stay

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2 Responses to Pam Ayres – You Made Me Late Again!

  1. Mavis Arnold says:

    You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you, keep them coming.

  2. Andrew Blakemore says:

    I love this collection, it contains so many hilarious poems. My personal favourite is “The mattress up the stairs.”

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