Oops, does paint come off children?!?!


You may remember a while ago we had an amazing competition to giveaway a wooden playhouse, sponsored by our friends at Shedstore, and I was lucky enough to review one of their best selling playhouses too…

Well, I have finally got around to painting it!

kelly painted playhouse

And very proud of myself I am too!

A slightly bluer blue than I had planned, but once I was in the garden centre buying the paint, I was not going home without it!  I am now also the proud owner of the biggest tub of white wood paint ever (why was it not available in smaller sizes – they must have seen me coming!)…

But the fun didn’t really start until I began to paint…not my best idea, doing it while the boys were at home!  Two hours and two paint stained children later and we had finished!  Well, finished the two sides that are actually on show…I’m not sure the other sides will ever be finished!!! 😉

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