Office Party Wear

If your work Christmas party means you are heading straight from the office to a night out, what to wear?  Time is of the essence, so if possible wear a little black dress to work with a smart blazer over the top & transform yourself in the evening with accessories…

party wear - dress

Black dress with cutaway back detail – Next £40

With some well chosen, glitzy accessories you can go from office dress to party style in an instant…

Don’t forget to add deodorant, hair spray, a comb, toothpaste & toothbrush to your work bag for a quick freshen up!  And of course a make-up kit…

party wear - make up

Ask Santa for this amazing Benefit make-up kit – everything you need to transform yourself! John Lewis £29

Now hit that party & shine!  The team at Mojomums are off for their Christmas party soon – we’ll let you know the gossip & shananagans after!!!


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