Observations from the Precipice, Melissa Hemmings

Eliza Wakeley is unexpectedly single and left literally holding the baby by her husband for someone distinctly more sophisticated. This is the story of her step into single motherhood, internet dating, balancing the meals and the bills. Observations from the Precipice follows her journey as she sets about reinventing herself as the woman she always thought she ought to be, not realising her true self was actually the most endearing, unique individual with the world at her feet.

Publisher: Shameless Miming, Oct 2013

Reviewer: Nadine Matheson

Observations from the Precipice is a stunning debut by Melissa Hemmings.  The star of this book is Eliza Wakely whose life is unexpectedly turned upside down when her husband Lewis tells her that he is leaving her.  Once she is over the initial shock, Eliza, now a single mother, is convinced by her up for anything best friend Lydia to enter the precarious world of online dating. 

Eliza’s observations on this new stage in her hectic life are sharp and witty. The accompanying cast of villagers, who are not all what they seem and Lydia’s own dalliances with online dating provide Eliza with rich material and scenarios that we can all relate to.

This is a genuinely funny, entertaining and well-written book. There are laugh out moments, which will make you turn back the page in order to experience them again.  Eliza is a character that you will instantaneously fall for as we follow her on a journey of dating, new business ventures, affirmations and movie quotes. 

The full title of this book is ‘Observations from the precipice – online dating…the new black’, however, this tale is more than a journey of bad dates but are observations about a woman’s self discovery and recognising herself for the wonderful and beautiful person that her family and friends know her to be.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my book and I’m delighted you enjoyed it. I’m currently writing the sequel so Eliza’s journey will continue. Thanks again.

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