Nursery places – My first step on the schooling ladder

This week I have been busy looking around school nurseries, ready for September.  I cannot quite believe that we are already at this stage, my boys are not 3 until the middle of April, but I have to apply by the end of March


For those of you that are already on the schooling ladder with your children, you will know how hard this decision is.  Although we are only applying for a nursery place, and the reception places and beyond are dealt with by a totally different process, the choice I am making is also based on which school I hope they will eventually go to…


Looking around took me back!  My infant and junior school was split across two sites and it is only now as an adult I realise how big my school was!  The school the most local to where we live now is tiny!  I really had no idea on what questions to ask, what to look for, how to make the ‘right’ decision…


Luckily for me, many of my friends and colleagues have already been through this process and have plenty of advice to give.  My step-sister is a teacher within the Foundation Years, so she will be my sounding board!


I love the idea of being able to walk the boys to school and not have to rely on the car.  I would like them to make friends with children that live locally to us, so that they can have playdates with ease.  I think I want them to be in the same class at first, but I would like the option to split them as they grow older and become more confident and rely less on eachother…My nearest school cannot offer this option as it is a one class intake, which brings me to the second option I have looked around…


A larger nursery and school which, although very near ‘as the crow flies’, would mean driving every day, well, certainly until the boys are a bit older.  A school where the intake is 1.5 classes per year – meaning once every 3 years they would be in a ‘split’ year form.  This alone brings up a wealth of other questions…!!!


I am totally confused!  I have no idea which is the better option – I like them both but for different reasons!  Maybe I should just leave them in preschool and worry about this next year…No, I can’t bury my head in the sand, I need to step up and make a decision…but maybe I’ll just put the kettle on first…!!!

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