Now that it’s September, can I mention the C word…?!?!


The word that either fills you with excitement and glee or horror and dread!  Which are you?

I am most certainly in the ‘giddy with excitement’ camp and as soon as September is here and the kiddies are back at school, I feel it is OK to mention the C word in public and start to process my plans…!

…plans that have almost certainly been festering in my mind for many months!  Plans that may have already been added to the diary without my hubby knowing…!  Plans that have most certainly meant secret Amazon deliveries, even in May…!  Plans that have been added throughout the year to my Pinterest pages, even though I know I am highly unlikely to make/bake/build any of them!

Christmas – I am not ashamed to say I love it!

The time of year to see all of my family.  To spoil my loved ones.  To eat whatever I want and not feel even slightly guilty.  To drink even more than I eat!

My plans so far have included booking our first family panto, starting to buy a few pressies for my children, thinking about what to buy for our huge family and looking into where to visit the big man himself…and this is where I have become unstuck…

Over the last few years we have had some wonderful days out resulting in meeting Santa – Longleat, Gullivers and Willows Farm.  We have had wonderful experiences and want something new for 2016, but can I find our perfect Santa meet, can I heck…!

A few options that looked hopeful are already (already!) sold out; a favourite theme park is costing £35 per person, but not all of the rides will be open that day and that’s £140 for a family of four ticket!; a festive activity that I have wanted to go to looks amazing, but you can’t meet Santa…

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a lady that likes to be planned and organised, so my task for the week is to get this sorted!  I will let you know once my plans are confirmed!

If you have any secret Santa gems then I would love to know!

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