#nomakeupselfie – Have you done yours?

As a Mum who wears makeup pretty much every day, apart from the odd school run morning… but it’s always on by pick up, unless I’ve had a particularly bad day of course, as I just don’t feel right without at least some blusher and mascara!

I don’t like myself without makeup, I think I look hideous; pale, ashen, big black bin liners under my eyes!!!! I would go as far as saying I look pretty darn ugly! Of course, my nearest and dearest would say I’m mad for thinking such things and that I look ‘beautiful’ without makeup (ok it’s my kids that tell me this!) but like most females, I don’t believe this to be the case!

I’ve even had one of the Mums, when picking up my children after school, ask me..

“Are you ok? You looked unwell this morning and I was worried about you”.

… says it all really! I was totally offended.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered the #nomakeupselfie images popping up on my news feed on FB and Twitter! NOT! Eek what’s this all about?!…were my immediate thoughts, quickly followed by…. how am I going to get out of doing this?!

So what IS it all about? 

Well, the trend seems to have begun when author Laura Lippman posted a picture of her bare face in support of actress Kim Novak, who was being criticised for her looks after being photographed at the recent Oscars, the hastag #nomakeupselfie accompanied the photo and others that also posted in support. It then became associated with the charity Cancer Research after people began adding the hashtag #breastcancerawareness to the selfies.

After noticing the trend, the charity declared the campaign was NOT initiated by them but sent out a tweet saying: “We’re loving your #cancerawareness #nomakeupselfie pics! The campaign isn’t ours but every £ helps #beatcancersooner.”

This trend, which seems to have taken off from Monday, saw women posting a photo of themselves with no make up on, on their social media site of choice, often in remembrance of a loved one they have lost to cancer, with the hastag #nomakeupselfie, then donating £3 by text, showing their confirmation of a donation as a screen shot too. They then nominated a few friends to do the same, thus creating the viral chain.

Within 24 hours, Cancer Research was said to have received more than ONE MILLION pounds in donations! It has now reached well over TWO MILLION!

It’s crazy! Whatever we think of these types of ‘viral trends’, we cannot argue that this HAS to be a great achievement, for an amazing charity that carries out such important research.

But the campaign has received a backlash of criticism, with people arguing that taking a no make up picture of yourself and posting it on Facebook is not going raise awareness for the cause, all it’s doing is highlighting the scale of our social media usage,as well as our obsession using our camera phones!

Comments such as “you should see the state of my timeline” and “it’s no wonder make up was invented” are outrageous and detrimental to women and girls who are posting au naturel for a good cause. Other women are being branded as ‘attention seekers’ for posting their photo!

What do you think of it? And have you posted your selfie yet?

Or does it leave a bad taste in your mouth, feeling forced to comply?

Let us know in the comments section of this post…..

And just because we can’t post this without adding our own #nomakeupselfies, (can’t we? really?!) Here are some of the beauties on the Mojomums team stripped bare…..

For more information about how Mojomums may be able to help you raise awareness for your chosen charity click here.

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