No time for play: Fit families

A guide aiming to inspire families to get active together has been released by leading children’s clothing specialist Vertbaudet – helping to address the growing problem of childhood inactivity…

Since we all know that dedicating time to staying active can be a hard task for busy parents, Vertbaudet’s guide, ‘Fit Families’, offers ideas of activities the whole household can do together – meaning less hours in the gym or time apart from the family!  A great idea the Mojomums team think!

fit families 2


So Mojomums, we would love to hear what activities you do to keep fit and whether you can incorporate any of these with your children…


Government guidelines recommend that adults take part in 150 minutes of at least ‘moderate intensity physical activity’ (e.g. brisk walking) over the course of each week. Children and adolescents should be active for an hour each day, with around three of these hour sessions consisting of strenuous exercise each week.







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