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New term, new you – does this apply to you Mojomums?  It certainly does to me and this year my children heading into year two, where did that time go?!  So is September the new January when it comes to making life changes…?


August is the most popular time to take a holiday, and coming back from holidays gives most people a one month opportunity to change their life and try out a new hobby or make a ‘healthy’ resolution, according to a new survey from The survey revealed that far from having the ‘holiday blues’, we could be using the sense of renewed purpose to make some changes to our lives that we will actually stick to.

Thanks to the deeply engrained ‘Back to school’ feeling, psychologically, adults are more likely to keep those ‘holiday resolutions’ going in September than in January according to the survey. Taking up a new habit in September allows you to take advantage of the renewed sense of purpose you have coming back from holiday as well as the light evenings so ‘Super September’ could be the start of a whole new you.

The online survey asked 1000 UK adults whether they have ever been inspired to make changes to their jobs, their weight or their relationship status as a result of a holiday. It also asked whether they were more likely to consider September to as the best month to make changes to their lives instead of January as a result of the deep-seated effect of the start of the new academic year every September and the results from 1000 adults surveyed from across the UK told us that:

  • 12%  have used a holiday as an inspiration to change their job
  • 30%  wanted to lose weight as a result of their holiday
  • 20% wanted to take up a new hobby
  • 10% wanted to move house

So do you agree?  September is the month that I am able to increase my time in the office and take on new responsibilities; I may finally get my backside to the gym or an exercise class now that I have a free hour or two while my children are at school; I’ve been looking at taking up a hobby (baking, knitting, craft-making?!?!), something other than just plonking down in front of the TV every night; and although I don’t want to move home, I would love to start to plan my longed for house extension…

So four out of four for me! How about you Mojomums – what does the new term bring for you, we’d love to know…!?!?


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