Networked, L K Chapman

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A different way of life. A totally new form of existence. All it takes is one step. Nick and Dan are two people who need their lives to change. Exhausted, broke, and cracking under the pressure of trying to hold everything together, it begins to seem like there is no end in sight. Until the videogame they’ve spent two years developing mysteriously disappears to be replaced with something new, something better, something finished. But soon their decision to release the strange new game lands them in a situation more desperate than ever. Because the game is not content to simply be played. It wants to change, it wants to grow. Soon it evolves into something far beyond their understanding; something dangerous and unpredictable, an unstoppable force which could change the course of human life, forever.


Reviewer: Jim Murdoch

When someone mentions Sci-fi novel, most will think of space, future and technology and I guess I presumed the same would meet me when reading ‘Networked’. How I was wrong, as I was taken on a journey of a quite brilliant original concept with heart at its core.

The story follows a basic idea of game developers that have been working on a computer game for years of their life only to have all their work wiped and then replaced, and then the tale very quickly escalates into a nail-biting page turner. I was hooked, drawn in and opened up at the mercy of ‘Networked’.

Chapman has a brilliantly unique style of story-telling that plays and tests with your every emotion in each and every chapter, she describes the game that’s created in such a way that’s briefly informative which lets your imagination take over the rest, living and breathing every pixel of a brand new world.

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